Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of Frequently Asked Questions about Wheelie Bin Cleaning and our Service - click on the Question and the Answer will appear!


Whilst we endeavour to clean all bins the same day they are emptied (our operators will often work until dusk), occasional unexpected delays may result in your bin being cleaned the following day - please leave your bins available for cleaning for 24 hours after being emptied. If after 24 hours your bin has not been cleaned please contact us as soon as possible so we may investigate.

By all means bring your bins in from the boundary, but if you could leave them where we can see them we will clean them and we will relocate them for you afterwards. If we are unable to locate your bin when visiting your property (if you have taken it into a rear garden or garage for example) you will still be charged for the visit!

We would ask that you do not put any rubbish in the bin before we clean it. If your bin has been re-filled with rubbish we will not be able to clean it but you will still be charged!

As you know the refuse is normally collected by the council a day later. We will call a day later.

Payment is due prior to your first wheelie bin cleaning taking place. Future payments need to be paid within 14 days of receiving your bill. Please note, all our regular bin cleaning services are continual unless cancelled, and we may continue cleaning your bins as per the agreed schedule unless you inform us that you wish to cancel our services - to avoid unwanted cleans and charges please ensure you cancel your service.

You can pay by Internet Banking, Online or over the Phone by Debit or Credit card. Alternatively, you can call us on (Local Rate) 01923 947995 to set up a Direct Debit.

Your bin(s) can be cleaned either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks, and you can purchase either 6 cleans or 12 cleans for each bin - depending on how many cleans you purchase and how frequently you want your bin cleaned, your bin may be cleaned as many as 24 times per year (so every time it is emptied). We do close down for 4 weeks over the Christmas period, but as there are 13x 4-weekly months in the year, you'll still receive 12 or 24 cleans.

Because over time your bins will collect dirt and residues which emit offensive smells and harbour harmful germs.

One of our highly trained, environmentally conscious operators.

After cleaning, your wheeled bins will be relocated to its specified location.

It will smell fresh, look clean and it will have a tag on the handle confining it has been cleaned.

No you don’t just make sure your bin is left somewhere that we can see it.

Please contact us so we can amend your customer record - in the event your council has not emptied your bin due to their own mistake you will not be charged. If you fail to put your bin out to be emptied, or the council do not empty the bin due to 'contamination' and you do not cancel the scheduled clean within 24 hours you will be charged for the visit.

We keep detailed computerised records of the amount of cleans used , if you have a query at any time please email or call us and we will be only to glad to give you that information.

If the bin has not been emptied, you have placed rubbish in the empty bin or the bin was not available we would not be able to clean - if the bin is emptied late or we are delayed for any reason we may have to return the following day so please ensure your bin remains empty and available for 24 hours after the schedule emptying day. Please allow 24 hours for your bin to be cleaned, but if not cleaned within 24 hours please then contact us within 48 hours of when your bin was scheduled so we may investigate.

We do close down for 4 weeks over the Christmas period, but as there are 13x 4-weekly months in the year, you'll still receive 12 or 24 cleans. If your bin(s) are cleaned every 4 weeks there will be an 8 week gap between cleans; if cleaned every 2 weeks there will be a 6 week gap between cleans.

Our wheelie bin cleaning services are ongoing and do not automatically end when your cleaning credits run out - once your credits have run out we will contact you, giving you ample notice to renew or cancel the service. If you do not cancel the service we may continue to clean, and charge accordingly. Should you wish to cancel your service once any existing credits have been used you can do so without notice, just contact our office and we will update our records.

Unfortunately not - each bin is scheduled to be cleaned under its own contract. If you would like to adjust your schedule or arrange a one off please contact the office.


How do we clean the Wheelie Bins?

Using 100% biodegradable products and purpose built professional equipment - NOT just a domestic pressure washer in the back of a van, as some others do - our fully insured operators will wash, disinfect and deodorise your wheelie bins at the side of the road! You don't need to be home as your bin should already be out having been emptied by the Borough's Bin Men earlier that day or the day before.

Our bespoke trailers facilitate the safe lift of your Wheelie Bin onto our custom filtration and washing system, allowing our operators to clean the bins with their Commercial pressure washers. They then finish the cleaning process by hand, ensuring the bins are dried thoroughly before spraying them with disinfectant and deodoriser. Our UK Designed and Built Wheelie Bin Cleaning machinery recycles and filters the water as its being used, ensuring we never illegally wash into the street or pour the waste water down the drain (this is unfortunately a common practice amongst 'cowboy' cleaners so be aware)!

To help keep the Flies & Smells at bay for even longer we offer a popular "Gold Service" for an extra £1.75 - After we have cleaned, dried and deodorised your bin as usual, fresh smelling Citronella based natural insecticide granules are added to your bin, helping repel and kill any insects including flies, wasps and mosquitoes - A must for the Warmer months, this innovative product that has been designed especially for Wheelie Bins, will break down naturally without harming you, your pets, plants or your bin.

How does a Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service work?

Your Wheelie Bins will be scheduled to be cleaned on the same day they are emptied by the local Council, and cleaned Fortnightly or Monthly thereafter (your choice)

If you have more than 1 bin scheduled to be cleaned but they are emptied on different weeks, we obviously don't expect them all to be left empty to be cleaned on the same day, so our operators will return the following week to clean the wheelie bin that is emptied that day - and so on each week.

Although we always schedule Wheelie Bins to be cleaned on the day they are emptied, the Borough's Bin Men will often change their rounds resulting in our staff being delayed as they hunt for empty bins. Additionally, our staff are at the mercy of the local traffic, unbalanced Wheelie Bin Emptying schedules and the occasional mechanical breakdown, all of which may sometimes result in our cleaning operators having to return the following day to finish a small amount of cleans. Due to these factors typically outside of our control, standard practice throughout the Wheelie Bin Cleaning profession is to request that customers ensure their bins are left empty and available for 24 hours after the day they were emptied.


About Us

Wheelie Washers, and the Love Your Group (Limited) is family run business, with our main focus since 2010 being the cleaning of residential and commercial Wheelie Bins throughout Hertfordshire (including the Boroughs of Harrow, Hertsmere, Three Rivers, Brent, Barnet, Welwyn & Hatfield, the St. Albans City & District, Watford and Ruislip. We typically have between 8 and 10 experienced and reliable Wheelie Bin Cleaning Operatives (varying seasonally), a fully staffed office and a commercial depot where we store and maintain our bespoke wheelie bin cleaning machines, equipment and commercial vehicles.

Over the past few years we are proud to have become one of the most trusted and recommended Wheelie Bin Cleaning Companies in Hertfordshire, stepping in to rescue smaller Wheelie Bin Cleaning companies (and staff) that have unfortunately been unable to survive the ever changing economic climate, ensuring residents throughout Hertfordshire do not lose their money or faith in the trade!

We are fully insured and operate to strict guidelines set out by the Environmental Agency and local Authorities, ensuring all waste is disposed of legally - should you encounter other (suspiciously cheap) Wheelie Bin Cleaning companies (or 'one man band' outfits) please ask them for proof of Company Insurance and how they dispose of their waste water. Running a Legal Wheelie Bin Cleaning company is very expensive and there are a number of cowboys throughout the Boroughs who cut corners at the expense of the environment, are a black mark on the trade and ultimately a risk to their own customers!


For more information on our Wheelie Bin Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Drive Cleaning, Patio Cleaning or Gutter Cleaning Services throughout the Boroughs of Harrow, Hertsmere, Three Rivers, Brent, Barnet, Welwyn & Hatfield, the St. Albans City & District, Watford and Ruislip call 01923 947995 or e-mail

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